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Tennis is one of the most popular sports for a reason and it can be a lot of fun to learn. If you’re trying to become a better tennis player, then you’ll want to focus on key areas that will improve your game. Look at these seven ways that you can improve your tennis game below.

You don’t want to rush to a ball at the last minute. Prepare for shots early if you can see them coming and get into the right stance. Get your racket back and be ready to hit the ball.

The follow-through of your shots makes a big difference. If you want to get more power, then you need to focus on following through with your shots.

You need to play hard if you want to get better and this means being ready to chase the ball down. Always run to the ball even if you aren’t sure whether or not you’ll be able to get it in time. Put in the effort and you might surprise yourself.

Don’t watch your own shot to see if your opponent is going to be able to rally. Get into position and get ready to hit it back. You can’t get caught admiring your own shot if you want to get results.

Sometimes you need to be careful about picking your shots wisely. Playing conservatively might be boring, but aiming for a safe spot on the court is sometimes in your best interest. You can’t just go for winning shots all the time.

Serving is a key aspect of playing tennis and some people are really good at it. Spend some days simply practicing your serve so that it can improve. You should get to the point where you will feel pretty confident in your serving ability if you put the time in.

Tennis is a very cerebral game and getting distracted is going to hurt your results. If you want to improve at playing tennis, then you need to learn to drown out distractions. Don’t think about what you need to do at home later when you’re playing and instead just focus on the game while scoring one point at a time.

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