Seven Things No One Tells You About Running a Marathon


Deciding to run a marathon can be very exciting when you’re the type of person who wants to challenge themselves. Even so, there are many potential issues that can make running a marathon tough. Take a look at the following seven things no one tells you about running a marathon.

Fear Might Set in

The excitement that you’re feeling now could turn into fear eventually. Some people start to doubt themselves and will be afraid of embarrassment. You might be worried about not being able to finish and this fear is something that you have to push through while training.

Some Might Not Be Supportive

Not every friend or family member is going to be supportive of your marathon training. Some might think that it’s not worth the effort and others will want you to go out drinking instead of jogging. If you’re serious about your marathon, then you have to keep doing your best even when you don’t have a great support system in place.

Certain People Experience Digestive Issues

You might wind up having some digestive problems that will make you feel off. This is due to the intense training and the changes in your diet because of your marathon training. The best thing that you can do is to eat nutrient rich foods while avoiding processed foods.

Necessary Gear Might Be Expensive

Buying running shoes and other necessary pieces of equipment might be somewhat expensive. It can also be costly to have to take the time to train for the marathon if you’re normally a busy professional. Make sure that you can afford to do this before committing to the process.

Foot Pain

The foot pain that you will experience due to running so often will likely be severe. This will cause some people to decide that it isn’t worth it. You just have to keep pushing through if you really want to run the marathon.


Nightmares can occur as it gets closer to the date of your marathon. Some people start to have bad dreams about failing and others might have other types of nightmares. This is fairly common even if it isn’t something that everyone deals with.

Sometimes Things Still Go Wrong

Sometimes things will still go wrong even if you did everything right during your training. Frankly, running 26.2 miles is a tough prospect for just about anyone. If you didn’t complete your marathon or if you struggled to do it, then you can always sign up for another one and try to do better. Keep pushing your limits and believing in yourself.

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